Chinese Art School of SA
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    南澳中华艺术学校创立于20087月, 其前身为中国舞舞蹈学校。我校的创立宗旨是弘扬和传承中华民族传统文化,借助南澳“节日之州”各类节庆提供的平台,通过广泛参与节日庆典活动,为南澳观众 展现中华民族艺术之美,为有兴趣学习中华艺术的人们——尤其是华裔家庭子女,提供学习中华艺术的场所,以中华传统文化艺术教育推进中文普通话教育。


The Chinese Art School of SA was founded in July 2008, the purpose of the school is to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, through teaching Chinese (Mandarin) language, Chinese traditional dance, Chinese calligraphy, organising Chinese culture workshops, participating in a variety of both Chinese and Australian major festivals to present Chinese art forms and to provide the participants the opportunity of experiencing Chinese culture.